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Bhut Jolokia White 18-CC15-1-4
(chilli seeds)

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Chilli pepper seeds Bhut Jolokia White.
You buy chilli seeds from the originals, that's you see in the photos.
Bio-cultivated in Czech republic (South Moravia region).

speciesCapsicum chinense
varietaBhut Jolokia White
heat [SHU]800,000 - 1,000,000
ID fruit18-CC15-1#4
date of harvest2018-09-10
fruit count1
whole fruit weight [g]5.74
fruit length x diameter [mm]46 x 24
ID plant18-CC15-1
date of sowing2018-02-21
date of germination2018-03-02
plant height x diameter [cm]65 x 70
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