Habanero Peach (f)

fruit of chilli pepper: Habanero Peach
flower of chilli pepper: Habanero Peach
plant of chilli pepper: Habanero Peach
leaf of chilli pepper: Habanero Peach
speciesCapsicum chinense
varietyHabanero Peach
heat [SHU]150,000 - 250,000
average length x diameter [mm]65 x 30
average fruit weight [g]9
average plant height x diameter [cm]90 x 40
max. leaf length x width [mm]160 x 95


  • peach coloured with a touch of pink
  • mellow, meaty pulp
  • pronounced, fruity taste and smell
  • strong heat typical for Habanero


  • compact bush grows up to 1 meter tall
  • white flowers
  • sets well and produces high
  • up to tens of peppers from one plant


  • the seeds germinate within a week at above 26°C
  • have patience though, some seeds from identical batch may take up to a month to sprout
  • may be sown in January if additional lighting is possible
  • plants prosper in higher temperatures up to 30°C
  • plant with sufficient spacing, either on a patch or in a green-house
  • train the branches to prevent their breaking under the weight of fruits


  • hot sauces
  • crushed or ground to powder, these peppers make for a delicious spice
  • adds fruity aroma into mixtures for pickling and sterilizing


  • belongs to a Habanero family of chilli peppers
  • some fruits weigh over 13 grams
  • ranks among very popular and beautiful varieties

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