Homegrown - 100% Organic

We grow chilli on beds and in plastic green-houses. We add compost and vermicompost into the soil.

We fertilize the soil with nettle broth, sheep fleece, chicken, bovine, sheep and horse manure. We water with filtered rainwater.

Synthetic pesticides and herbicides are a taboo in our garden. Aphides and other vermin are dealth with using nimb and pongam oil.

Records and measurements

Each planted seed is assigned with a plant ID. When the chilli plants start to flower and set, the fruits are assigned with a fruit ID.

We are keeping record of date of sowing, germination and transplanting, the height and diameter of the individual flower, date of pollination and harvest, number, weight and size of ripe fruits, number and weight of seeds extracted from the fruits.

Controlled pollination

Genetic stability of the peppers is best acquired by assuring high probability of self pollination of their flowers. Instead of merely technical seclusion of the individual plants, we use a far more effective method – fitting each individual flower bud with a breathable bag.

The risk of degeneration is lowered by transferring pollen from one plant to a flower of another plant of the same variety. We therefore perform arduous and sophisticated manual castration and pollination of selected flowers.

Hand processing

We understand that to keep the taste of the chilli peppers pure, it is necessary to get rid of stalks and bitter seeds.

Manually separated pulp is air dried. The pulp of meatier varieties is dried in an electric dryer at the temperature of 45°C.

You are buying the SPECIFIC FRUIT, that YOU SEE.

Cleaning of seeds

The manually extracted seeds need cleaning. We use our own know-how, which is a combination of mechanical and fermentative routines.

All seeds are air dried and stored in cold temperatures in containers with gelatinous silicic acid to maintain relative humidity of around 10%. We test their germination.

You are buying SEEDS of the FRUITS, that YOU SEE.

Premium chilli - Top quality

The best pieces of the harvest, selected by shape, colour and size.

You are buying the ORIGINALS displayed in the photos.


made in Czech Republic