Pimenta de Neyde (f)

fruit of chilli pepper: Pimenta de Neyde
flower of chilli pepper: Pimenta de Neyde
plant of chilli pepper: Pimenta de Neyde
leaf of chilli pepper: Pimenta de Neyde
speciesCapsicum chinense
varietyPimenta de Neyde
heat [SHU]80,000 - 120,000
average length x diameter [mm]50 x 20
average fruit weight [g]4.5
average plant height x diameter [cm]125 x 65
max. leaf length x width [mm]135 x 75


  • instantly captures the eye with the plum white colour of its peppers during the whole season
  • peppers with a smooth, glossy surface
  • rather oblong, thicker in the mid section, often resembling a bullet
  • unique taste, scent and heat, similar to Capsicum baccatum varieties


  • very decorative bush, up to 1.5 meters tall and ¾ meter in diameter
  • nobody can miss the dark violet or black coloured leaves and fruits
  • flowers with purplish petals and a dark violet pistil and stigma


  • at above 25°C, the seeds easily sprout within one week
  • the growth and ripening take longer, therefore sow early and provide additional lighting
  • best grown at a sunny spot, protected against wind and large temperature changes
  • don’t forget to give the plant enough space


  • both the taste and the looks stand out in pickled or sterilized mixtures
  • your friends at degustations are surely going to be amazed by this rare chilli pepper
  • dried and ground pulp is an exclusive spice
  • thanks to the violet colour, the plant and its fruits are undeniably very decorative


  • allegedly, this variety is a wild hybrid of Capsicum chinense and Capsicum annuum
  • it is supposedly named after Mrs. de Neyde, on whose garden it grew spontaneously


  • Pimenta da Neyde

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