Bahamian Goat (f)

fruit of chilli pepper: Bahamian Goat
flower of chilli pepper: Bahamian Goat
plant of chilli pepper: Bahamian Goat
leaf of chilli pepper: Bahamian Goat
speciesCapsicum chinense
varietyBahamian Goat
heat [SHU]450,000
average length x diameter [mm]40 x 50
average fruit weight [g]8
average plant height x diameter [cm]100 x 70
max. leaf length x width [mm]170 x 115


  • light orange colour with a touch of pink, similar to tangerine
  • gracefully plump and meaty fruits tend to have a tip and pronounced ribbing similar to Habanero
  • various shapes, strong aroma and heat


  • over 1 meter tall and ¾ meter in breadth
  • the stemlet usually lignifies at the end of the season
  • light green or green-white flowers
  • generally more robust root system


  • at 25°C the seeds sprout in one week, at lower temperatures this may také up to 3-4 weeks
  • best sown in January due to longer vegetation period, seedlings need additional lighting
  • best in a properly ventilated glass or plastic green-house
  • the plants prefer temperatures not exceeding 30°C
  • plant with sufficient spacing
  • train the longer branches to prevent them from breaking under the weight of crop


  • home-made hot sauce
  • dried, crushed or ground peppers for seasoning
  • add into mixtures for exceptional aroma
  • drying process takes twice as long as with most of the other varieties of chilli


  • hotter than some of the Habanero varieties
  • rare variety of chilli

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