Aji Charapita Small (f)

fruit of chilli pepper: Aji Charapita Small
flower of chilli pepper: Aji Charapita Small
plant of chilli pepper: Aji Charapita Small
leaf of chilli pepper: Aji Charapita Small
speciesCapsicum chinense
varietyAji Charapita Small
heat [SHU]50,000 - 100,000
average length x diameter [mm]8 x 5
average fruit weight [g]0.19
average plant height x diameter [cm]60 x 40
max. leaf length x width [mm]100 x 57


  • yellow-orange, round to oval, sometimes with a hint of edges and a tip
  • strong fruity citrus scent
  • surprisingly strong heat of peppers just a couple millimeters in size


  • dome-shaped thick bush
  • half the size of Aji Charapita
  • stands out due to its smaller, dark green, meaty, pronouncedly grooved leaves
  • small white flowers
  • one plant can grow hundreds of peppers


  • tiny seeds sprout in stable temperature above 24°C and mild humidity of the substrate
  • they best prosper in a properly ventilated glass or plastic green-house
  • the occasional lack of water is well tolerated by these plants
  • thanks to the small size, these plants are well suited for indoor growing or as a "bonchi" (bonsai chilli)


  • fresh fruits are suitable for pickling, either separately or in a mix
  • while cooking, these peppers add a unique tropical taste to a salsa or sauces
  • frequently used dried, crushed or ground
  • powdered peppers reach twice the heat of Cayenne pepper


  • supposedly the most expensive pepper in the world
  • fruits resemble Indian pepper, Tepin
  • originated in the northern jungle of Peru
  • thanks to its rarity it is referred to as "the Mother of all chilli peppers"


  • Charapilla
  • Tettinas de Monk
  • Wild Peruvian chilli pepper

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