Trinidad Perfume (s)

fruit of chilli pepper: Trinidad Perfume
flower of chilli pepper: Trinidad Perfume
plant of chilli pepper: Trinidad Perfume
leaf of chilli pepper: Trinidad Perfume
speciesCapsicum chinense
varietyTrinidad Perfume
heat [SHU]0 - 500
average length x diameter [mm]30 x 30
average fruit weight [g]6
average plant height x diameter [cm]70 x 50
max. leaf length x width [mm]140 x 80
originCaribbean, Trinidad and Tobago


  • beautiful shape resembling small bells
  • medium meaty pulp, delicious taste
  • prominent fruity aroma with almost no heat
  • fruits ripen from green to bright yellow or golden orange colour


  • up to ¾ meter tall bush with high fruitfullness
  • large, light green leaves with pronounced ribbing
  • white flowers


  • at a stable temperature above 26°C, the seeds sprout in 1-2 weeks
  • have patience though, for some of the seeds may take up to 3 weaks to germinate
  • thanks to its shorter height, this variety is ideal for indoor cultivation


  • the perfect pepper for pickling and sterilizing mixtures
  • dried and ground or crushed pulp is an exklusive spice


  • a plant with delightful and fragrant fruits serves well as an original decoration for your interior

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