Fatalii White (s)

fruit of chilli pepper: Fatalii White
flower of chilli pepper: Fatalii White
plant of chilli pepper: Fatalii White
leaf of chilli pepper: Fatalii White
speciesCapsicum chinense
varietyFatalii White
heat [SHU]150,000 - 325,000
average length x diameter [mm]40 x 25
average fruit weight [g]5
average plant height x diameter [cm]100 x 50
max. leaf length x width [mm]170 x 105
originMiddle Africa, South Africa


  • triangular peppers with a tip
  • cream white chilli peppers
  • bold fruity citrus aroma
  • meaty pulp with strong heat


  • compact bush over one meter tall, with a width about 1/2 meter
  • ovoid, pointed leaves with noticeable veining
  • white or yellow-white flowers


  • seeds germinate in 1-2 weeks at 25°C
  • have patience, some of the seeds from identical batch may take 3-4 weeks to sprout
  • plants prosper both in open space and vases
  • the plants set easily
  • may be cultivated in self-irrigated planters


  • stronger hot cause
  • Fatalii White powder is a light-coloured, savoury spice
  • drying process takes twice as long as with most of the other varieties of chilli
  • drying turns the pulp yellow or brown


  • white coloured peppers are unique and atypical for the Capsicum chinense varieties
  • original variety is the yellow coloured Fatalii Yellow
  • besides the yellow and white variety, there is also a red coloured Fatalii Red

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